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Friends of Marsden Library

Interim Steering Group, 28 September 2015

Action / Agreement Notes

Present: Diane Barkley, Caroline Bolton, Jenny Hemming, Natalie Stevenson, Taru Sinclair
Apologies: Laura Goldman

Arrangements for Public Meeting 5/10

Poster /Leaflet Distribution
Library; Mechanics; Shops (Goodness Me, Sundae’s, Enjoy Art etc) Taru
Community Association Boards Diane via Olly
Lucy Ward gig Natalie
New Inn, Soc, Lib, Legion, Riverhead, Con Club, Gingerbread (Sunday) Jenny
Comment, Like, Tag on Facebook – Local Place for Local People; Book Club; Share and ask local friends to share All (on FB)
Schools Caroline
Set Up
Those who can will arrive for 5.30. Taru has keys.
Set out tables cabaret style. Four tables of 5 people to start with, can add extra chairs/more tables as needed. All available
Refreshments at the interval: purchase from Coop on Night. Caroline in charge of tea urn. Diane to ask Fiona if she is able to assist. Caroline/Diane
Flip chart paper and large post it notes – purchase from Amazon; deliver to Mikron. Receipts to Jenny. Stand from meeting room. Taru has access. Natalie
Person stationed in foyer to direct people upstairs Jenny
Diane to be ‘Chair’ – introduce and continuity (!) Diane
Guests: Fiona Weir is attending in case of questions about asset transfer. Salma Dad is attending from Kirklees Library Service to summarise decision about Library service and for questions. Hilary Richards is attending at the beginning from Golcar Library FoG and Marianne/Pete attending to talk about Mikron Friends.
Brief for Salma: only 5 minutes (one question max) – summary of decision and what it means for Marsden Library Diane
Brief for Hilary: inform her she will follow Library Service person so does not need to cover that. Focus on what the Friends group does, what its structure is, emphasis on non-committee activity, accessibility, fun. What support do they get from Kirklees. Give her Diane’s name for meet and greet purposes. Natalie
Brief for Mikron: their Friends’ scheme; things they do that seem unexpected – wouldn’t associate with a theatre company, things you might not think of. Taru
During Facilitated Section
Agenda as distributed by Taru.
We float – ask nudging questions if discussion seems to be sticky. Encourage them to write things down. All
Provocation section – during group feedback, Caroline/Jenny to note take to ensure points captured. Caroline, Jenny
List of possible uses of Library – Caroline compile. To be used after the discussion, to prompt further ideas, check nothing is missing. Caroline.
Create sign up sheets for declaring interests, skills and level of commitment . Jenny to obtain similar as used by Mechanics and draft. Have hard copy at the meeting and follow up with online. Jenny
Close and Debrief
Assuming that the preceding events have not made it clear that there is insufficient community support to establish a Friends Group ….

Announce next meetings/next steps:

  • next task will be to establish a steering group and draw up required governance documents, e.g. constitution. Initial meeting 2 November.
  • This will be followed up by another Public Meeting/Social to provide a progress update to those not on steering group. 23 November is date for diary.
  • Thanks to guests and everyone for coming etc
Ask Hilary Richards to share Golcar FOG’s constitution Natalie
– suggest approx 10 person committee needed, with officers to include (not exhaustive) Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising, Comms, Membership, Friends of activities
– invite all those interested in joining steering group to attend next meeting to start setting up constitution and establishing committee etc. Mechanics Meeting Room, 2 Nov Natalie Book
– have another public meeting on 23 November – suggested it should be a FoML social and update. Hold in Riverhead Bank Room. Natalie book.
Tidy up and repair to New Inn to debrief All

Next Meetings

  • Interim Steering Group: 20 October, 7 – 8.30, 2 Sunny Lea: start to look at what’s needed for constitution and any other governance requirements (bank account etc); plan for 2/11
  • Prospective permanent Steering Group members: 2 November, 7 – 8.30, Mechanics’ Meeting Room
  • FoML Social and Update for non Steering Group: 23 November, Bank Room, Riverhead, time tbc


  • Natalie has arranged for a bid for £150 to go in with Mechanics bid to cover expenses, e.g. refreshments and stationery. Any purchases: keep receipts and pass to Jenny for future refund.
  • Mikron charged a special price of £20 for poster printing. Jenny paid. Thanks to Mikron for support.

Update on Actions from 2 September

Contact Golcar FOG to see if someone would come and talk at our ‘Next Steps’ meeting about their group. Hilary Richards attending
Ditto Marianne McNamara/Pete Toon – Mikron – to talk about Mikron Friends. Marianne/Pete attending
Keep an eye on Kirklees website and obtain copy of report when public (~22/9) – are we going to be community managed or community supported? Community Supported. DB has report.
Draft the agenda for our Next Steps meeting Complete
Look for copy of list of interested parties generated previously As full a list as possible was obtained.
See if Sue from Library Services has list of interested parties that Taru gave her
Set up email address Complete
Give out email address for expressions of interest etc Complete
Research activities of other Library Friends Groups Caroline to do and bring as a prompt list to public meeting
Ask Bob to design poster/flyer Complete. Thanks recorded to Bob.
Check Mechanics Availability for October 5th, 7 – 9 Booked.
Confirm with Sue who will be present from Library and if they can do a two-hander with Diane to scene set Salma Dad to attend
Inform councillors of workshop but remind them they suggested we might be better off meeting without them, so ask them not to attend on this occasion Complete.
Flyers in School Book Bags Flyers being distributed
Posters in Shops See new actions
Look at existing Library research to pull out list of what Library is currently used for See new actions
Ask Sue if Library Services can print flyers/posters for us and who to contact in her absence Complete

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