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Friends of Marsden Library Steering Group


Monday 2 November, 7 – 8.30pm, Meeting Room, Marsden Mechanics

  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • All here because have indicated willingness to be the Friends of ML Steering Group. In the rest of the meeting we will talk about how we got here, what the Friends St. Gp is for and what supporting governance we need. Will do the governance early to enable Salma and Rebecca to contribute
    • Apols David Ridgway, Rob Johnson
    • Note Salma and Rebecca likely to want to leave before end (travel to Dewsbury)
  2. Story So Far
    • Changes to Library Services (Salma)
    • Building Situation (Diane)
    • Road to Public Meeting 5 October (Jenny)
    • Jen Withers has volunteered to create a website for us
  3. Governance
    • What do we need? How will we pull it together? Assign actions? Salma and Rebecca advice?
    • Membership of steering group – enough people/skills?
  4. Purpose of Friends Group
    • To discuss and agree overarching purpose, recognising that this could change over time
    • Note: thinking that it’s 1) existence, which enables the library to be community supported; 2) generating volunteers and supporting them via events, communication etc (not overlapping with library training and management); 3) prioritising the wish list from the 5 October)
  5. Social and Update, 23 November, 8pm, Old Bank Room, Riverhead
    • Plan the social; preliminary suggestions include: displaying ‘mission statement’ for annotation (politely!); displaying the list of ‘priorities’ for people to comment on, add stickers to their faves, add to etc
  6. Communication
    • If time as there’s a lot here; but we should at least touch on it as it will be really important. Having the website will help, and we’ll need to have twitter and facebook at least.
  7. Date of Next Meeting/s

Circulation: names of steering group members, etc.

Other notes from meeting held Tuesday 20 October, 2 Sunny Lea. Present: Natalie, Jenny, Caroline, Diane

List of everyone that’s completed the form, indicated their skills etc so far is in the dropbox. Library has been sent the list of those who said they want to volunteer. Action Jenny to follow up to find out if they’ve been acknowledged and provided with a link to the form to fill in. What sort of time frame before they can expect to be trained. (Is the role of ‘library chivvier’ an unstated part of the friends’ remit?)

Glossary: suggested we develop a glossary of terms to use to avoid confusion (and develop into a website FAQ). Action Jenny to draft; all to comment (see dropbox)

Need to ensure that the local schools contribute to the Library Service consultation when it begins. Action Caroline to speak to Heads.

Comms Plan: Most of the actions carried out. Still to ask Sue to circulate the expression of interest form to those who said they would volunteer but haven’t completed the application form yet, and to ask if she can target to home educators.

Jen Withers has offered to build us a website; offer has been accepted. This will also enable the creation of a mailchimp mailing list.

Salma Dad and Rebecca Breen (Community Engagement and Development Officer) will attend the inaugural SG meeting. David Ridgeway (Councillor) can’t make it but is keen to be supportive.