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Friends of Marsden Library

Steering Group

16 November 2015, Meeting Room, Marsden Mechanics Institute


Present: Clare Ackroyd, Diane Barkley, Mave Buckley, Steve Goldman, Richard Hellawell, Jenny Hemming, Katie O’Reilly, Rebecca Breen, Salma Dad, Rob Johnson, Sue Rhodes

Apologies Kate Meade, Natalie Stevenson

Notes of the Last Meeting (2/11/15)

1. Agreed.

Matters Arising

2. For the benefit of those who had not been present at the previous meeting, DB repeated the summary of the position regarding the Mechanics’ Institute and asset transfer proposal.


3. Considered: draft constitution.


  • Kirklees Staff would attend the steering group in an ex officio capacity. Action: JH to give access to the drop box to SD, SR and RB.
  • When deciding the quorum, take care to ensure not too small – aim to future proof
  • Officers: current group could appoint now, until the first AGM
  • Add the power to charge a membership fee, to exercise in future. No loans.
  • Finance update to be a standing item on the agenda.


  • Options for the most appropriate legal structure. An unincorporated organisation would place liability (debt, costs etc) on the committee members. An incorporated organisation would place liability with the organisation. Charity registration would give access to a wider range of funding sources. Agreed: further investigation, but there were advantages to putting a suitable structure in place now, ready for the future – e.g. Charitiable Incorporated Organisation. Action DB to look at model templates; RB to send a summary of legal structures.


  • That the Friends’ aim is to ensure the continuation of a Library Service in Marsden via
    • Supporting the Library Service in the recruitment and development of volunteers
    • Maintaining regular communication with the Library Service
    • Having effective liaison with other community groups in Marsden
    • Actively promoting the use and membership of the Library Service
    • Supporting the development and delivery of a diverse range of activities within the Library
    • Establish links with other Friends of groups to identify what works and to share experiences
    • Fundraising for specific activities/purposes
    • Other activities to support the aim

4. The following were appointed as Officers:

Chair: Diane Barkley
Deputy Chair: Richard Hellawell
Treasurer: Steve Goldman
Secretary: Jenny Hemming

5. Noted: did not need to wait until legal status was formalised before arranging a bank account. Action SG to investigate bank account options for discussion at next meeting. Agreed that our name would be Friends of Marsden Library.

Social, 23 November, Old Bank Room, Riverhead, 8pm

10. Approved: poster design. Action JW to arrange printing; MB to collect and distribute.

11. On the night:

  • display aims for comment/addition Action DB (JW to bring postits etc)
  • display Library posters: Santa event; Lego collection
  • Library volunteering application forms: SR to bring
  • Volunteering benefits leaflet: DB/CB


12. Approx 12 people had begun Volunteer training, with a good number of others waiting. Discussed how the Friends could best support volunteering activity and agreed that this would be by promoting the route for application, and the need for volunteers, and by arranging events etc that would support volunteer recruitment. The Library Service would be responsible for receiving and responding to volunteer applications in order to provide confidence for volunteers about protection of personal information. Noted that it was important that the Library Service was able to let volunteers know how long they should expect to have to wait before being trained/start volunteering, and that occasional but regular communication was needed with prospective volunteers to keep them warm. Agreed that those who had applied and were waiting to hear would receive an update. Action SD/SR (KLS).


13. Agreed that the Friends would be present at a forthcoming Library event to raise awareness of their existence. KO offered to provide facepainting.

14. Agreed to hold a logo design competition. KO to organise a suitable prize; CB to prepare an entry form. Competition could be promoted at Library Santa event, and could run over the Xmas holidays.


15. Available channels to be used to promote the social and lego appeal (email newsletter; facebook; posters). Action: JH to send email newsletter and create facebook page. All to promote event via facebook.

16. Website: Jen Withers had volunteered to build a website for the Friends. Content and functionality to include: ability to donate; links to volunteer information; information about the Friends, their aims etc; FAQs; Calendar of events (Friends events and Library events); Twitter and Facebook links; Links to other Marsden groups Action: JH to progress.

Next Meeting

11. Monday 30 November, 6.45 pm, Library Action: JH to arrange access.

Summary of Actions:

Add Rebecca, Sue and Salma to Dropbox (Jenny)

Look at information about being a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Diane)

Add a charitable aim to aims of FOML list (Diane)

Copy aims onto large sheet of paper for people to comment on at Social (Diane)

Send us note of different types of legal structures (Rebecca)

Investigates options and requirements for bank account (Steve)

Provide volunteering leaflets, application forms for Social (Sue/Salma)

Provide copies of Santa storytelling event for Social (Sue)

Prepare flipcharts, badges etc for Social (Jenny)

Invite Library volunteers (including all those on waiting list) to Social (Sue)

Set up facebook group and facebook event for Social (Jenny)

Promote social and ask people to bring lego to donate to new Library lego club (ALL)

Arrange poster and flyer to be printed (Jenny)

Collect poster and flyer and distribute (Mave)

Flyer/entry form for Logo Design Competition (Clare)

Prize for Logo Design Competition (Katie)

Attend Santa Storytelling event to raise awareness of Friends, 16th Dec, pm (ALL AVAILABLE)

Next meeting, 30th Nov, 6.45, Library (check availability, Jenny)

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