This Event Has Been Cancelled:
Simon Armitage writes “With great sadness and reluctance I’m sorry to announce that I am postponing my tour of libraries for the week 16 – 21 March 2020. I have arrived at this decision after seeing so many other events being put on hold or cancelled, and I feel the only logical and sensible decision is to do the same. The week would have involved meeting upward of a thousand people and travelling around England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on public transport; as well as needing to look after myself and my family I need to think responsibly about audiences, staff at the venues, fellow poets and everyone else connected with the tour. Hopefully these events will be rescheduled once the world is a calmer and clearer place. In the meantime, my thanks and sincere apologies to all the wonderful libraries and librarians of Britain who had been working so hard to make this happen”.
Live Screening from the British Library

Using the alphabet as a guide, each spring for the next decade Simon Armitage will give readings across the UK, from the flagship libraries of the big cities to smaller libraries serving rural and remote communities. It’s a journey that involves local poets and students, and celebrates the library as one of the great and necessary institutions of human civilisation.

Friday March 20th, 7.30 – 9.00, Marsden Library, FREE, BOOKING ESSENTIAL 

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