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Friends of Marsden Library is a community organisation begun in late 2015 to support Marsden Library. We welcome friendship from all parts of Marsden, and from anyone who might not be lucky enough to live here but who loves Marsden like we do and wants to contribute to the quality of our community.

We are committed to the view that Libraries are not a luxury, but rather an essential part of our community. Losing our library would reduce the quality of life and well-being of the people who live here, and close down the resources and opportunities that our population, young and old, need to develop, grow and live well. We are determined to do all we can to prevent this so we have summed up our purpose as ‘Keeping Marsden Library Open’.


We help the Library to recruit volunteers by promoting the opportunity and providing information for prospective volunteers. The Library manages the volunteers, including providing training.

For more information on volunteering, go to the Volunteer page.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, we would ask that you provide us with your contact details, and also that you give us some idea of your skills and interests as they pertain to the library.  To this end, there is a very short application form to complete (a link to the form is also available on the Volunteer page).


The best way to convince those in authority of the viability of a library is to ensure that it is well used. We support the Library by promoting its events, by our Schools Liaison activities, by running campaigns to raise awareness of the Library and everything it can offer, and by running Friends events.


The Library Service will continue to provide the fundamentals: books, furniture, staff, IT.  We will raise funds to support our objectives of promoting the library and attracting users.