Author Events in Marsden Library: Northern Writers Reading

As a Library Friends Group one of our favourite things is books and reading.  At our relaxing and informal Northern Writers Reading events we invite authors to come and read from and discuss their latest books.  There’s usually a chance to buy copies of the books, and to have them signed by the author.

We’ve got a great line up planned for this Autumn and Winter, and we hope you can join us.

Entry: we suggest a £2 donation to contribute to refreshments and room hire.

Autumn-Winter 2018

Wednesday 30th January 2019 7.00 for 7.30 – 8.30 Sarah Hussain
Sarah Hussain is a Huddersfield based author and educator. Her first novel ‘Escaped from Syria’ was a winner finalist in the People’s Book Prize Award and her short story collection ‘Sit up, Stand up, Speak up’ was released in 2017. In 2018 she won the Ms Shakespeare competition in Yorkshire and was commissioned to write a monologue, which was performed on International Women’s day. 

Sarah will be talking about her latest work, Sit Up, Stand Up, Speak Up: An Emotional Short Story Collection. Are you able to capture a thought and challenge it? We grow up with a set of beliefs and values, influenced by the society we grow up in. This collection of fictional stories invites you to explore your ideas and challenge your mind.

Books will be available to buy on the night, or you can buy them in advance online, or why not visit our nearest independent book shop, The Book Corner, Piece Hall Halifax.   You can order by email to collect at your convenience.
Wednesday 6th March 2019 7.00 for 7.30 – 8.30 John Ling

John Ling is a former children’s librarian, then teacher of deaf kids, and later, autistic kids. Now he is a mediator for special needs families, and facilitator for Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP).Always a writer and poet.



“I could smell them and hear them long before I could see them. Soon the grove was filled with movement. They came on me from all sides at a rush, as if they had planned to ambush me. But I was not afraid. Far from it. I was filled with joy…”

This diverse collection of sixteen short stories includes murder and mystery, humour and hallucination, poignancy and plotting, fantasy and fun. The characters are varied and compelling and each story leaves you with a thought-provoking ending…

From the Reviews

“Very entertaining … all the stories are testament to the author’s perceptive observation of human life in all its guises … A first-rate story teller”.

“A lively collection of short stories … It is tempting to devour the whole book in an evening, but there is real reward in reading slowly and savouring each morsel.”

“Tells it like it is in this part of the world … the black humour, and the tragic-comic reality of human experience are all there. These are stories about come-uppance, about tragic misunderstanding, about adversity, unfairness and bureaucracy, about injustice, humiliation and malice laced with warmth and compassion. Plus a touch of the supernatural. Highly recommended!”

Buy the Paper Aeroplane Man

John will also be selling and signing copies after his talk and reading.

Wednesday 29th March 2019 6.30 for 7.00 – 9.00 Julian Norton: the Yorkshire Vet
 Known across the UK from the popular Channel 5 Series The Yorkshire Vet, Julian Norton chats about the drama and humour of his experiences as a rural vet, first at James Herriot’s old practice in Thirsk, and now in the market town of Boroughbridge.

His new book, The Diary of a Yorkshire Vet, features entertaining stories about everything from hairy pigs near Helmsley to a bullock with an enormous eye, from his popular column in the Yorkshire Post.

Marsden Mechanics Hall

Tickets £5/£3 from Marsden Library or online via Huddersfield Literature Festival

Wednesday 3rd April 2019  7.00 for 7.30 – 8.30   D. R. Dixon
D. R. Dixon doesn’t know how he got to where he is now as actually his biggest interest was music. He thinks he must have made a wrong turn somewhere but as it is he is very happy that he did; he says it’s not until he started writing that he really found out about the power of the human imagination and that our true calling can be hidden from ourselves, never mind anyone else.

The result is his book ‘Wired Thoughts’:  Stories of everyday life told in their most explicit form touching on the warmest and brightest side of human nature as well as the most darkest and sinister.  This book asks the questions, but only you have the answers …

D. R. Dixon  has performed at a variety of events and will be reading stories from his book Wired Thoughts, out now and available for purchase on the day.

Wired Thoughts

ISBN-13: 978-0993427305

Or why not visit independent book shop, The Book Corner, Piece Hall Halifax.   You can order by email to collect at your convenience.

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