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Friends of Marsden Library

Steering Group

30 November 2015, Meeting Room, Marsden Mechanics Institute


Present: Diane Barkley, Mave Buckley, Sheila Bates, Steve Goldman, Richard Hellawell, Jenny Hemming, Rob Johnson

Apologies Kate Meade, Salma Dad, Sue Rhodes

1. Notes of the Last Meeting (16/11/15)

1. 1 Agreed.

2. Matters Arising

2. 1 Actions completed, or covered elsewhere on the agenda.

2.2 The Social had taken place on 23 November and had attracted a number of people not previously involved, including one of the Kirklees’ Librarians, together with existing supporters and volunteers. Volunteer application forms were distributed, and Caroline Bolton had written a set of volunteer FAQs.

3. Update on Asset Transfer

3. 1 DB reported that the Mechanics’ Trustees had agreed to apply for Asset Transfer with respect to the Marsden Mechanics’ Institute. Kirklees MBC had confirmed that the building was funded until October 2016. The Trustees were committed to the presence of the Library in the building, despite the lack of rent, for reasons of heritage and footfall. However, the space available was likely to be reconfigured to allow an additional rent-paying tenant to be identified, and to enable room hire when the library was not open. The Library Service would consult with the Friends group regarding space and design.

4. Detail of Library Service: there had been a question at the Social about computers and whether the service provide by the library would include renewal and maintenance. It was agreed that we needed to understand clearly what was included as part of the library service and we should discuss with Salma Dad next time she was able to attend. Action: hold item over until Salma available.

5. Governance

5.1 Following the advice of Rebecca Breen at the previous meeting, DB had obtained templates from the Charity Commission Website and had drafted a charitable purpose for the Friends. Noted that it was likely we would need membership forms at some point. Agreed: that DB would work through the templates to bring options to the next meeting. RJ to assist by also reading through (Action: DB to share the templates/links with RJ).

5.2 SG had visited Yorkshire Building Society and Lloyds Bank, both of which had branches in Slaithwaite. There was no significant difference between the accounts on offer, except that Lloyds offered a cheque book and online banking but YBS did not. Agreed to open an account with Lloyds. Agreed there should be 4 signatories, with a requirement for 2 out of 4 to sign and these would be Steve Goldman, Mave Buckley, Diane Barkely and Rob Johnson. Action: SG to open an account.

6. Volunteers

6.1 Noted that it was likely there would be a high turnover therefore important to sustain awareness and recruitment activities. Agreed to ask Sue to copy friendsofmarsdenlibrary@gmail.com into any communications sent to current and prospective volunteers (for Marsden Library). This would help us support by complementing rather than duplicating Library communications. We would have a standard ‘Volunteer Update’ section in our regular newsletter (see item 7). Action: JH

7. Communication

7.1 Agreed to have a regular newsletter approximately every 6 – 8 weeks, and to have it as a standing item on each agenda.

7.2 Jen Withers was working on our website. Agreed: that we should aim to launch in the NY. Action: JH to confirm with Jen.

8. School Liaison

8.1 Sheila Bates volunteered to be Schools Liaison Officer to develop relationships with the Infants and Junior School in Marsden and to work with them to promote the Library, to increase footfall and consider the ‘Every Child a Member’ campaign. Activities such as the logo competition would be taken forward as part of the Schools Liaison task. Mave Buckley volunteered to join Sheila in a Schools Liaison sub-group, and other members of the Steering Group would also be able to join this. Action: JH to provide Sheila with contact details for members not present tonight. A number of people volunteered ideas for clubs, e.g. Film, Maths.

9. Strategic Framework

9.1 Agreed: to adopt the strategic framework as circulated. Our key aim was ‘Keeping Marsden Library Open’ and in 2015/16 the themes agreed were Volunteering, Footfall and Fundraising. Any projects or campaigns that we undertook would be aligned with at least one of these themes. The framework would be underpinned by regular communication and dialogue with the Marsden Community (social media, website, mailing list and newsletter) and dialogue with key stakeholders: Marsden Mechanics Trust, Kirklees Library Service.

9.2 Agreed: regularly review the list of ideas generated at the public meeting to inform priorities.

10. Fundraising

10.1 A number of potential sources had been identified: Cuckoos’ Nest and Avalanche Dodgers. Action: SG to find out who to contact and when to submit applications for next round.

10.2 Noted: ensure we don’t fundraise for things that the Library Service will provide.

10.3 Lego: JH to find out from Sue Rhodes what lego had been collected. JH also reported that might be able to get some from a source at University of Manchester. Agreed: if we were able to get funding to buy lego would be used to buy specific things. SG to seek advice from Sam Goldman.

10.4 Discussed ideas for fundraising events and noted that the person who had previously organised the Big Village Quiz had moved away from the village. Agreed to see if this was something the Friends could take on in association with the Schools. Action: RH to find out what the position is.

11. Library Events

11.1 Agreed: to ask if Lorna Goldman would hand out Friends’ leaflets at the Father Christmas event on the 16th. Action: SG

12. Meeting Frequency: agreed to meet monthly. JH to book Mechanics’ Meeting Room. Also agreed we should pay the proper room rental once we had obtained funding. (Include in application to Avalanche Dodgers? SG). Action: JH to book room and enquire about charge.

Next Meeting is Monday 18th January at 6.45 – 8.15, and thereafter on the 3rd Monday of the month.

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