Pear Drop’s latest zine, the Pear Drop Public Library has some stimulating reading for Library lovers.  Here’s an extract from the editorial, a manifesto for action that anyone can do:

“Look up your local library and visit it.  If you aren’t a member already, join.  If you have children, join them too.

“If you have any overdue loans at home, take them back. If you have fines, pay what you can.

“More people reading are more powerful than the money.

“Look at the shelves, find something to borrow.

“Try and find the youngest and oldest people there.

“Ask the people working there what they like to read.

“Listen to the silence. Or the singing. Or the staff gossiping.

“Stand in solidarity with those who believe culture and learning should be for everyone and that a space to find them which is free and open to all in a community is a universal right of access.

“Then make a habit of it.


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