Are you enjoying a relaxing weekend?  When you want a pause from chocolate-eating and egg rolling, here are a couple of things to keep you amused, gleaned from the twitterverse.

Emily Drabble from the Guardian tweeted, showing you how to fingerpaint lots of Easter animals, including the Easter Bunny.


Other folk might fancy World Book Day’s Online Book Themed games


Finally, the British Library shared this rather lovely Hot Cross Buns Image.  Now I’m feeling peckish!


(Note: the feminist in me appreciates the priority given to daughters in the above!)

Happy Easter!  And don’t forget exciting FoML Events and Activities – we have Local Writers Reading coming up on 13th April, and will be launching the Marsden Calendar competition entries website soon.  And look out for news of a fun family walk taking place during National Walking Month in May.  It’s all go!

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