Well, what a great day that was.

I just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had on Sunday! The whole family enjoyed the afternoon and we all learnt something new about trees. We also left laden down with goodies we’d won, earned and bought! Thank you so much.

And you lovely people raised in the region of £300 for Marsden Library – so well done you, and thank-you.

We had loads of volunteers, too many to name check them all, but special mention must go to Sam Bolton from the National Trust who put together the Tree Trail in his own time, our very own Sheila Bates who was the driving force behind the whole thing, our ace FoML photographer, Bob Bray, our local schools who supported the event, everyone who baked, bought prizes, labelled trees and – most importantly – all of you who turned up and took part.

Enjoy the day all over again at the Tree Trail Gallery – and see you next time!


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