Following our inaugural LWR event, featuring Dave Rigby reading Darkstone  we are thrilled to announce that Tim Taylor will be our second author reading event.

Tim will be joining us in Marsden Library on 29th June to read from both his published novels.  He will be signing and selling copies afterwards.

Set in an un-named, fictional but contemporary Latin American country, Revolution Day is a political thriller about an ageing dictator, losing his grip as his vice-President plots against him.

In contrast, Zeus of Ithome whisks us back centuries to Ancient Greece where the Messenian people in the South-west of the Peloponnese peninsula have been kept in brutal subjection as ‘helot’ slaves since being conquered by their Spartan neighbours 300 years before.

Sounds like there will be plenty for lovers of political shenanigans, revolutions, plotting and chincanery in whatever century!

Entrance is £5, payable on the door, refreshments included.  Reserve your place below.





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YES!  I'm coming to Local Writers Reading: Tim Taylor on June 29th (£5, pay on the door, refreshments included).

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