The Library Service is faced with another reduction in its budget for 2018/19, from £3.9 million to £2.238 million.

Help us make representations to the Council at its meeting on 15 February – use the information here to write to or email our Colne Valley Ward Councillors.  Tell them what the Library means to you.

These cuts are of such a scale and will leave such a small budget remaining for the whole Library estate that it is difficult to envisage how a service like Marsden Library will continue to be resourced by the Council.

Our Library is located in Marsden Mechanics which is subject to an Asset Transfer which should be concluded by the end of this financial year.  From this point forward the Council will no longer pay rent or service charges – making big savings in terms of the provision of the Library Service in Marsden.  We have already seen staffing reduced and the hours cut from 30 hours to 20 hours per week.

Friends of Marsden Library has worked hard over the last year to support the library service.  We have promoted the recruitment of volunteers, increased the use of the Library and raised its profile.  To achieve this we have hosted 6 local writers events, including 1 attended by 200 people,  we have established a Lego Club, a Radio Club,  we hosted a celebration of Chinese New Year that was attended by over 200 people,  produced the Marsden calendar  for 2017 and we have established a collaboration with Huddersfield Literature Festival.  Simon Armitage and Robin Ince performed benefits for us – because of their recognition of the value of a free library service.

We are aware of the pressures faced by local authorities due to continued cuts in financial support from government, changes to business rates,  the impact of demographic change and the rising costs and pressure on social care services.  Libraries are universal services providing access to education, information and entertainment and are essential to a functioning democracy. They must be defended.

You Can Help

Please write or email your ward councillors, explaining what the service means to you  and asking them to make representations on our behalf at the Council meeting on 15 February 2017.

Contact a Colne Valley Ward Councillor





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