Sometime back in the Autumn we had the bright idea of celebrating Chinese New Year in Marsden.  As Christmas came round, we started to wonder what we’d got ourselves into, but then we linked up with the fantastic He family from Fu Lin and, under the direction of our Young People’s Coordinator Sheila Bates a group of fantastic volunteers a wonderful day emerged.

On the big day itself the weather was frightful and we wondered if anyone would come.  Would they? They did – over 200 in fact.  It was a wonderful afternoon and we can’t thank everyone enough.

A particular highlight was meeting George, Carmen and Pearl all the way from Hong Kong, who seemed delighted with – or at least very tolerant of – our local West Yorkshire efforts to celebrate Chinese New Year.

A great selection of photos below, really capturing the fun of the event.  Roll on Next Year!


Pictures by Bob Bray and Roger Bates






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