Huddersfield Literature Festival is looking for people who are passionate about books, authors and stories, and who are proud to live in Huddersfield

Our vital team of volunteers get to take part in a wide variety of activities which help build confidence, skills and experience alongside being part of a fantastic community of like-minded people. Our aim is to create a collaborative atmosphere and support volunteers to contribute to the Festival however they can.

In the lead up to the Festival the team help to plan and market events and are invited to participate in various training sessions which include: customer services, event management, confidence building and public speaking. During the Festival volunteers are involved in everything from setting up venues, looking after authors, taking tickets, directing people and selling books.

Although being a volunteer can sometimes be hard work, it is a great way to meet new people, gain valuable experience and to see lots of wonderful performances.  If you, or someone you know, would like to know more email our Festival Chair.
And if you still not sure, check out what our existing Volunteers say below:

“Volunteering at HLF has been a hugely rewarding experience. I’ve met some fantastic people and had the opportunity to help out at a range of exciting events. The Volunteer team and the Festival organisers have a very supportive approach. It’s a great feeling to know that you’re contributing to the running of such a wonderful Festival.”
Katie Ponting

“I have really enjoyed volunteering for the past two years. I have met interesting co-volunteers and have heard a range of speakers at the events, many of whom I wouldn’t have thought of going to see.” 
Shirley Roberts

“I have so enjoyed being part of the Huddersfield Literature Festival. There is a real team feeling among the volunteers as we help deliver an exciting event for the town. Seeing and hearing  authors in the flesh and making new discoveries has brought a new dimension to my attitude to enjoying literature. I am proud to be part of the Festival!” 
Julie Dansey-Wright

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