An important new consultation about the Library Service is now open until April 2nd.

Complete the questionnaire and show your support for Marsden Library.

You can get a paper copy from the Library, or you can go online to

Make sure your opinion is counted. Even if you only answer one or two questions, completing the questionnaire will help to show Kirklees Council that you think the Library is an important part of life in Marsden.

Why is there a consultation about the Library Service?

The budget for libraries has been significantly reduced so Kirklees is exploring a number of options for delivering them in the future.

They want to know what you think about how libraries can be provided in the future on a limited budget.

We’re talking about the long-term future of our Library.

What has happened to funding for the Library Service?

The Library service budget has gone down by 62% between 2014-15 and 2018-19.

Between 2017-18 and 2018-19 it has been cut by 45%.

What is Marsden already doing to support the Library Service?

The Library is housed within Marsden Mechanics Hall which is owned by the community and managed on its behalf by Marsden Mechanics Trust.

The Trust doesn’t charge Kirklees Library Service for the use of this space: the rent, electricity and heating are covered by Marsden Mechanics.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers who work in the Library, matching the staff hours paid for by the Council.

We have an active ‘Friends of’ group putting on additional events to support the Library.

The Library is a treasured occupant of Marsden Mechanics. Everyone hopes it will remain open for many years to come.

What else can I do?

You could write to your councillor to express your support for Marsden Library and remind them of the support Marsden already gives.

Colne Valley Ward Councillors:

You can write to councillors at: Civic Centre 3, High Street, Huddersfield , HD1 2TG



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