More Lockdown Live performances from Mark Thomas.  This time its Serious Organised Criminal, 9 July.

As before, buy tickets here and raise money for Marsden Mechanics.

This is Mark’s true story of cake icing as a political weapon, of demonstrations to Defend Surrealism, and of getting to like the Police. Mark turns an 18 month battle over Parliament Square and the right to demonstrate into a bizarrely brilliant stand up show. This is how Mark fought the law … with the law’s permission.

It’s a laugh-out-loud funny world inhabited by anarchists, goths and artists, in which Mark becomes a Guinness World Record holder, organises 2,500 protests in one day and changes the law in the process.

After the show, Mark will be back with a live presentation to let us know what happened next.

And then we will have a Q+A – please leave your questions in the chatroom as the show is on.

Running Order:

7.30pm – Intro from Mark (live with BSL)
7.35pm – Serious Organised Criminal (captioned option)
8.40pm – Comfort Break
8.50pm – Serious Organised Criminal updates (live with BSL)
9.10pm – Other Comfort Break
9.20pm – Q+A with Mark and special guests (live with BSL)

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